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Bride marriage preparation is very cumbersome

Bride marriage preparation is very cumbersome, note that the bride dress up you heartily at the same time, remember to prepare mother of the bride dresses. First you need to determine the overall need to choose an evening dress for mother. Then determine the style, generally participate in the wedding mothers will choose dresses, because the dresses are more suitable for this festive occasion. From the figure, the compact young mother suitable for small dress style. And tall mother is suitable for evening dress style, can highlight the temperament. The overweight mother is more suitable for suit, to shelter the body fat part. Rather cleverly choose some accessories such as necklaces or bracelets, to effectively disperse the attention of others figure. What colors for bridesmaid dresses align with your wedding theme? Usually, a bride chooses bridesmaid dresses based upon the color palette that was chosen specifically for the wedding. Also, feel different fabrics. Are you looking for a matte fabric or a satin material with a special shimmer? Since your wedding will have many photo opportunities, consider how each fabric will look behind the camera lens.What you are viewing is our designer bridesmaid dress. Choosing your very own bridesmaid dress can be challenging but you will be happy that you put the effort into it when it is done.A beautiful and charming dress with delicate embellishment makes you a stunning lady in the most special moment of your life.

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The Basic Rules of Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses And Outfits

Style of dresses: Low-profile, but elegant

Stylish but not blatantly eye-catching bridesmaid dresses that make people feel happy and in a festive mood are appropriate for bridesmaids. Generally the style should match the bride's wedding gown, and this should be taken into account first of all. It is very popular to have strapless bridesmaid dresses these days as they are exquisite and stylish and more modern than bigger, frumpier dresses. In terms of accessories there could be a ribbon around the waist, or three layers of pleats on the skirt. If it's a winter wedding then the dresses could be long ones. This also applies to more formal weddings too. However for more casual weddings or spring and summer weddings a shorter skirt is suitable and also gives the bridesmaids a fresh, more contemporary look.

Color of dresses: Pink or light colors

Pure white belongs to brides and pink to bridesmaids. Of course there are many possible colors for bridesmaid dresses, but pink is one of, if not, the most classic color for them. In terms of other options light blue, light green and champagne are also appropriate and look great on bridesmaids.

Just be sure to try a few different colors with the girls when choosing as the color can really help set off their respective skin tones (for instance, very pale girls will look washed out in very pale colors, but very strong colors will overpower them too, so choose warm, mid-palette colors like peach). If there are several bridesmaids, they can wear dresses of the same color but different styles. Actually even the color may not need to be exactly the same, and this makes every wedding individual and guests won't feel bored when seeing them.

Cut and fabric of dresses: A-line or Empire

Besides color, the fabric and cut are as important because they decide the shaping of bridesmaid dresses online australia. Sumptuous velvet, graceful chiffon, classical lace, or sleek satin; whichever fabric can really set off the figures and charm of the bridesmaids, as long as they are fittingly cut. What's everyone's favorite fabric? Perhaps consider this as a starting point.

Speaking of cut, bridesmaid dresses are generally tailored with an A-line or Empire style as both of these styles not only give women a very strict, nice profile, but are very forgiving for any figure. This is good as if you have more than one bridesmaid then there's a good chance that they'll have different figures, yet you'll want their dresses to fit them well, hence choosing A-line or Empire styles.

In general formal weddings will require a long skirted dress, so bear in mind the tone of your wedding when choosing bridesmaid dresses as you need them to look appropriate.

Shoes: Ornate and comfortable

Shoes with sequins, pailettes and rhinestones were made for weddings! High-heels with these decorations are best match for the dresses discussed above. And since there is a lot of work and standing around for the brides and bridesmaids to do in the wedding, the shoes should be comfortable enough for the brides to wear for the whole wedding.

Tips For Selecting Wedding Pearls

How should a bride-to-be decide which type of pearls to wear on her wedding day and how to effectively accessorize her bridesmaids? The aim of this guide is to give straightforward and easy-to-follow advice. When choosing bridal pearls, your main consideration should be your overall theme. Your jewelry should fit the tone of your day and enhance your look. It should also reflect your personality.

 For a traditional theme, a white or ivory Akoya or Freshwater pearl set would be perfect. A more modern bride choosing a contemporary theme would find white South Sea pearls most fitting and black Tahitian or golden South Sea pearls would work best with a tropical theme.

 Pearl necklace lengths are determined by the neckline of your wedding gown. A 16"choker is the only appropriate length to wear with a neckline that sits above the collarbone. A slightly lower neckline works well with 17-18" strings. A plunging neckline can accommodate up to 22" and makes a dramatic statement. A 32" necklace can be very versatile and worn with any neckline, being best worn doubled over during the ceremony and full length after the wedding for a fashion-forward look.

 The size of the pearl is also an important consideration when choosing your jewelry. To avoid looking unbalanced or disproportionate there are simple rules that you can follow. If you are petite it is best advised to wear pearls that are between 5-7.5mm each. A bride of average build could comfortably wear 7.5-8.5mm pearls. The most popular size and one that works well with most builds are in the range of 7-7.5mm. By bearing these tips in mind, we hope you will find buying your wedding jewelry an enjoyable and altogether less daunting experience.

 Deciding on your wedding jewelry before you choose your dress. Unless you have your heart set on wearing a particular family heirloom, it is wise to wait until after you have selected your dress before choosing your jewelry. Many factors need to be considered. Know your dress first and then choose the wedding jewelry that best blends with the look. What colors and fabric are used for your dress? Is the dress style clean, modern, exotic, vintage, or ethnic? Keep these distinctive elements in mind when choosing your jewelry.

 Pay attention to the neckline. Be aware of your neckline. As with any attire, when wearing a necklace, the line it creates must work in harmony with the neckline of the dress, for the most complimentary visual effect.

 Halterneck dresses are perhaps the most restrictive in terms of selecting a style of necklace. Let earrings take center stage instead and perhaps wear an eye-catching bracelet.

 A square neckline or a strapless dress leaves many options open for selecting a style of necklace. A double or even triple strand necklace would fit well and leave the chest less exposed.

 A plunging neckline is perfect for a y-drop pendant. Alternatively, chandelier earrings will draw more attention to your face.

 Style Your Hair to Compliment Your Bridal Jewelry. This is actually very important to consider. Before you go to the salon check out some bridal magazines and try on your Bridal Jewelry while standing in front of a full length mirror to get the feel of how you want to look on your wedding day. Then meet with your beautician and work together for the most complimentary look. Bring along your close girlfriend for another opinion as this might help in the decision. If you're unable to decide on your own, much like consulting with your jeweler to pick out the perfect bridal jewelry, you can consult with your hair stylist to pick the perfect up-do meant just for you!

 Matching Your Bridesmaids Wedding Jewelry. Make sure the bridesmaids Jewelry match and emphasizes you and don't upstage the bride on your perfect wedding day! For example, if pearl and diamond drop earrings are your choice, then your bridesmaids might wear simple pearl studs.
 Choose where to buy your bridal jewelry. Bear in mind that you will be the center of attention on your wedding day. Bridal jewelry sets can be costly and after purchasing the wedding gown, wedding ring set, bridesmaid dresses, facility rental, DJ, you'll be feigning to save money when you can. However tempted you may be, wedding jewelry is one area you should NEVER forego quality on. You'll want every little detail to be perfect.

 A final word. If in doubt, keep it simple. I hope these tips will be helpful in celebrating one of the most important days in a woman's life.

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Chapels to the Stars: 4 Vegas Wedding Chapels Where Celebrities Get Hitched

Whether you want a budget-friendly, drive-through wedding or an extravagant gala event to tie the knot, there are lots of options in Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, about 120,000 people get married here every year. So, it’s not surprising that many of the stars have made Las Vegas their wedding location of choice, too. Take a look at who has gotten married in Las Vegas and where they decided to do it.

Wedding Bells Chapel

The Wedding Bells Chapel is one of the most discreet wedding venues in Las Vegas, which is why many celebrities choose to get married here. It is located just off the Strip with easy access to all the fun of this crazy city. Rock Star Tom Perry tied the knot at the Wedding Bells Chapel and the actor who played the son on Roseanne, Johnny Galecki, married his pregnant girlfriend here.

Graceland Wedding Chapel
The Graceland Wedding Chapel is where you can make Elvis part of your wedding. However, there are a variety of rooms to create any type of ceremony. You can also get your ceremony broadcast on the Internet for all your family and friends to see. Both Bon Jovi and Billy Ray Cyrus chose this chapel to tie the knot. Look for a Groupon getaway program to make the Graceland Wedding Chapel an affordable option for your wedding.

Little White Wedding Chapel
The Little White Wedding Chapel gives couples a fun backdrop for their wedding. Their five chapels include an outdoor gazebo, red carpet and pews, and a drive-thru. Both Bruce Willis and Demi More have gotten married at this chapel.

At 22 years old, Britney Spears married her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, at this Las Vegas wedding chapel. However, she didn’t wear the traditional white dress; instead, she opted for a baseball cap, a t-shirt that showed her midriff, and some jeans. The marriage ended only 55 hours later.

Little Church of the West

Located on the Southern section of the Strip near Mandalay Bay, the Little Church of the West has seen its fair share of celebrity weddings. It’s popular because of the gorgeous landscapes, and its close proximity to the “Welcome to Vegas” sign. Stars have been getting married at this chapel for a long time. For instance, David Cassidy from “The Partridge Family” married Kay Lenz here in 1977.

The Little Church of the West only seats 50 people, but that’s perfect for celebrities that want to have a low-key wedding with just family. That’s what Angelina Jolie did when she married Billy Bob Thorton in May 2,000. They both arrived at to the ceremony in blue jeans. Judy Garland also married Mark Herron in 1965 at a small ceremony. Other stars that have gotten hitched at the Little Church of the West include Mickey Rooney, Richard Gere, and Cindy Crawford.

Las Vegas is a fun place to take a vacation, and it’s also a fun place to get married. If you want to have a celebrity-style wedding, it’s a great option.

Ahead of the Trend: Fashion Trends to Watch for in 2014

As the New Year unfolds, it is time to start looking for the newest items to add to your wardrobe. As with most years, there are certain fashion trends that are expected to dominate the fashion industry in the upcoming year. If you want to stay up-to-date with these latest trends, you may need to add several new pieces to your wardrobe over the next several weeks. To help you shop for the right clothing, here is a look at the top fashion trends to watch for in 2014.

Floral Prints

Believe it or not, floral prints are making a big splash this year in male fashion. This style is likely to be most popular during the spring and summer months. Now I know what you’re thinking. But before you gawk thinking Hawaiian prints out of style, consider this: aviators, penny loafers, and fedoras were also once a thing of the past. Fashion trends are cyclical, so as long as you can match your old school floral with well-fit slacks and a nice jacket, you’re in the clear!

Slim Slacks

Gone are the days of the baggy pants and torn jeans that once flooded the market thanks to such brands as Abercrombie and JNCO. This year’s style is straight, slim or boot cut pants. Men’s shoes are becoming a more important focal pant in a man’s casual attire, so your pants shouldn’t hide them.

While these pants would look great with any suit jacket, men this year are topping slacks off with a bulkier, layered look on the top. Consider wearing slacks with a nice shirt, topped off with a larger knit sweater.

Double-Breasted Blazer

If you are looking to buy a suit or blazer this year, opt for the double-breasted jacket. This type of jacket has already begun flooding the male runway. When it comes to colors for your suit or jacket, brown seems to be a dominate color and is the color expected to be worn by top celebrities at red carpet events. All-black suits that include touches of white trim are also very popular this year.

Clean Shaven Look
Beards and mustaches seem to always come and go in the fashion industry. This year the clean-shaven look is back in style, so it may be time to whip out the old razor (or buy a new) and shave off that extra stubble. Old hairstyles, like the slicked-back, wet hair look is also making a comeback.

Men’s Hand Bags

The number of men using hand bags to tote their stuff has been steadily increasing over the past several years. This year, the hang bag has become a more practical, professional-looking item, as backpacks look too clunky and too bulky for tablets and shrinking laptops. Whether you are heading to the office, to the gym, or to a meeting, a big, boxy leather bag is the best accessory to store your necessities. These great bags can hold everything from your laptop to your sneakers, and are in high demand this year in the fashion world.

Adding just a few of these great new looks to your wardrobe can really help you maintain a current and modern look. If you are a big or tall man and have trouble finding the type of clothing you like, be sure to shop at a store that specializes in clothing for big and tall men. This will help you find the right clothes that fit you perfectly and look great. Shopping at a store specifically for you will help you create the perfect look for 2014.

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Junior Bridesmaids

When we talk about weddings, junior bridesmaids don always come to our mind. This is why most of us do not know what the role of the junior bridesmaid is, how she will be dressed and where she will be placed. But before we talk about these things, let us first examine who can possibly be a junior bridesmaid in your wedding.

 If you are planning to have junior bridesmaids in your wedding, you should choose girls that are 7-14 years old. This can be a girl from the bride or groom family or friends. Now, let us discuss the role and the attire of the junior bridesmaids.

 Before the wedding day, there are a lot of pre-wedding activities that will happen. The junior bridesmaids should help in planning the bridal showers. Since she is still a minor, she should participate in events that are appropriate for her age group and that her parents approve of. Preparing the food, the games, and the decorations at the hall are included in her roles. She will also help with post-party clean up. If there a bachelorette party that is suitable for her, she can attend. Her attendance at all of the rehearsals is also necessary.

 On the wedding day, the junior bridesmaids should be on time and ready for the photos that will be taken. She should help in giving the programs to the guests and know her place during the ceremony, processional and recessional. She may be assigned responsibility for confetti and the guest book. She will be at the reception and she can dance in the bridal party dance with the junior groomsmen or her father if there are no extra groomsmen.

 What should she wear? As the junior bridesmaid, she is also expected to wear a formal gown if it a formal wedding. Her dress should follow the dress code of the bride. The parents of the junior bridesmaid should pay for her dress unless the bride is able to pay for it. Hopefully the bride will keep everyone budget in mind and select cheap junior bridesmaid dresses for online especially if her parents are paying for it. Her dress should have straps and should be different than the bridesmaids. It should, however, coordinate with the other bridesmaids and flower girl. The neckline should be modest. If the color of the bridesmaids?dresses is green, she can wear something in a shade of green, too. She and her parents should consider the dress of the flower girl and bridesmaids before buying a junior bridesmaid gown or dress. She is not required to wear high heeled shoes. Before buying anything for her outfit, the bride should always be consulted for her approval.

Standout Bridesmaid Dresses for Outdoor Ceremonies

Planning a summertime wedding usually means one thing: having your ceremony outdoors. There is nothing quite like saying your wedding vows while feeling the breeze through your hair in a lovely garden or a sandy beach.

 One thing you can plan for, however, is the weather. Luckily, many wedding venues know this, so they will help you to plan ahead. Make sure you talk to your venue about alternative options, including tents and indoor locations.

 But let assume all goes well and you get to have that gorgeous outdoor wedding you always dreamed of. Along with finding a lovely wedding dress for yourself, you are also going to need to find suitable dresses for your bridesmaids.

 Bridesmaids put a startling amount of effort into helping their bride plan for and execute her dream wedding. To pay them back, you should pick out bridesmaid dresses that will let them shine as well. These incredible options will have them looking their best on your big day.

 Short Charmeuse Dress with Ruched Waist and Pocket  One of the duties of being a bridesmaid is to help out the bride throughout her wedding day. This can include everything from keeping guests entertained to starting the dance party to making sure all the vendors are where they should be when they need to be. It also means helping the bride touch up her makeup throughout the day.

 Of course, no bridesmaid wants to get stuck lugging a purse around all day. So what a girl to do? The handy pockets on this gorgeous bridesmaid dress make it perfect for slipping in a stick of lipstick and a compact. That way, they are ready for touch-ups at any time.

 Beyond just being functional, this dress is gorgeous and flattering as well. It has a flirty strapless neckline and a ruched waist to flatter the figure. Ruching is when designers add extra texture to the fabric to help hide any flaws and make the wearer look fabulous.

 Another great feature of this dress is its capacity to be worn again and again. It has a classic silhouette that makes it just as apt for a cocktail party as it is for your wedding day. You can find this style in color options that include Apple, Black, Lapiz, Marine and Truffle.

 Short Cotton Dress with Y-Neck and Skirt Pleating  Looking for a dress for your bridesmaids that offers a bit more coverage while still having the capacity to keep them cool on a hot summer day? Look no further than this trendy style.It has a Y neck that gives off a modest and yet intriguing appeal. Despite the extra coverage, it is also sleeveless, so your important ladies can catch a cool breeze. The skirt has subtle pleating, and it looks wonderful with a pair of high heels.

 Because of the distinct neckline of this dress, it isn accommodating to be worn with a necklace. However, it looks fabulous when paired with long, dangling earrings. Check out this style in color options of Truffle, Marine, Lapiz, Black or Apple.  Short Organza Striped Halter Dress One of the most fun parts of a bride wedding day is often the portrait session. While taking the formal photos with family can wear on and on, it is always a lot more fun when you can get outside and take some more interesting photographs with the members of your bridal party.

 If your wedding venue has a lovely outdoor area for photos, you will want your bridesmaids to look at home among the natural surroundings. This dress is perfect for photos in or around a field of tall grass.  This style has a halter bodice and a sweetheart neckline that is incredibly feminine. It also has flattering diagonal stripes that help to add a sense of dimension. This dress is made from organza fabric that helps it to feel delightfully comfortable and lightweight, even on the hottest summer days.  Short Pleated Satin Strapless Dress

 No bride wants to be stuck with limitations on her wedding day. Sometimes it can be frustrating when you find the perfect dress for your bridesmaids and yet you can find it in a desirable color option.  This simple and attractive gown is great because you can order it in up to 42 different color options. Why not even mix things up a bit and have each of your bridesmaids decked out in a different color?  The dress itself has a strapless neckline and is made of rich satin fabric. One of the benefits of satin is that it looks wonderful in any light. That means that portraits inside and outside will all look dazzling.

 A key element to having a successful and entertaining wedding day is keeping your bridesmaids happy. With dresses like these, they are sure to be the life of the party on the biggest day of your life.

 Scott Payne is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and specific products such as bridesmaid dresses online Australia .

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How to Matching Bridesmaid Shoes With Bridesmaid Dresses in Australia

 Looking for a young, modern and fresh approach to your Wedding in Australia?

When most brides think about their bridal party, they probably picture their bridesmaids and maid of honour in matching dresses and shoes. While you want your bridal party to look great at the wedding, the last thing you want is for your guests to be distracted (in a bad way) by the fact that your bridal party's shoes and dresses are clashing. Although bridesmaid shoes and dresses always matched perfectly in the past, in recent times, styles have become more relaxed, and you can be more flexible when it comes to matching dresses and shoes. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to matching bridesmaid shoes with bridesmaid dresses.

 When your bridesmaid dresses and shoes are all matching, your wedding pictures will look better because when you look at them, you will remember the day, and not the fact the bridesmaids weren't coordinated. If you decide that the bridesmaid dresses and shoes should be an exact match, there are many different styles of diable shoes that can be dyed to match the dresses perfectly. As a fun activity, you and your bridesmaids could get together and dye them yourselves. However, it is probably a good idea to test one shoe and see if turns out correctly. If it doesn't, or if the process is too complicated, it may be best to hire someone to dye the shoes. You don't want to add an extra level of stress to the wedding preparations, so it may be a good idea to surrender if necessary.

 Many brides don't care if their bridesmaids wear perfectly matching shoes as long as they are wearing coordinated shoes. You can always choose a neutral shade that will match just about anything, and this saves everyone time and stress. Although most brides like to convince their bridesmaids that their dresses can be shortened and worn again, we all know that isn't really true. However, if you allow your bridesmaids to wear, neutral, practical shoes, it will give them the opportunity to wear their shoes with other outfits.

 Keep in mind that everyone's feet are different and many people cannot wear uncomfortable shoes for an extended period of time. So, if you force your bridesmaids to wear 6 inch stilettos, it is very unlikely that they will keep their shoes on for the duration of the wedding reception. Just as everyone's feet are different, it is unlikely that all of your bridesmaids will have the exact same body type, for this reason it can be a good idea to allow your bridesmaid to choose different styles of dresses that flatter their individual figures.

 When you take the time to oversee the dresses and shoes that your bridesmaids choose, they will feel confident that they will be coordinating with the other members of the wedding party. If there are members of your wedding party who aren't incredibly fashion forward, when you make the choice simple for them, they will have confidence that they won't be in danger of standing out in an unflattering way.