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The lace wedding dress is trendy!

Transparency sets, embroidery, lace ... worked neckline comes to infinity on wedding dresses. Check out our selection of antique models on the web for ideas at will.

The lace wedding dress is a little the inevitable marriage, one that will never go out of fashion, and always knows how to renew. Whether you opt for traditional wedding, glamor or setting, lace is available on all styles, giving them a little chic and romantic note. And if to you it necessarily mean you and meringue evokes antiquated placemats your grandmother, you may well be surprised! If it gives your outfit a little vintage air, it can also be super sexy.

In 2015, the trend is delicate buttons on the sleeves or neckline. V bare backs that can go down to the size lurk under thin layers of lace, to suggest without much to show. Comes with a nice sailing, all is elegant without being ostentatious. Some also prefer to wear embroidered on princess dresses, more voluptuous, or play the game of transparency, dare but terribly sexy. Finally, a little bohemian cuts unstructured also have the spotlight, lace which gives a sophisticated look - but not much.

And users do not seem to shun the trend since the web is full of the most beautiful creations as each other. We have a selection of heather various styles of dresses, but which have in common the use of lace to sublimate. You are free to get inspired to cook up the look of your dreams for the big day

For more ideas, discover our selection of colored or inspired wedding dresses princess. And if you have a tight budget, the best picks for finding a cheap wedding dress.

Haute Couture Wedding Dress ah 2015/2016 The most beautiful dresses Haute Couture Fall-Winter Wedding

The week of Haute Couture has once again booked some nice surprises for brides. These may draw on the 2015/2016 autumn-winter creations designed by fashion houses in Paris and presented the 5 to 9 July 2015.

If these models are designed for wealthy clients, they are always fun to see and are a real source of inspiration. Let's be honest, a fashion show is less charming without its traditional transition Wedding Dress ...

Designers like Elie Saab, Ralph & Russo, Georges Hobeika Georges Chakra or imagine sumptuous princess dresses. Others let go and realize creations less traditional but equally beautiful, the Dior image, Alexandre Vauthier or Giambattista Valli. Finally, Chanel thumbed his nose at the wedding dress and reveals a bride pantsuit worn the beautiful ... We love Kendall Jenner.

Place the parade in pictures of the most beautiful wedding dresses identified during the week of Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2015/2016 in Paris.

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Harnaam Kaur, a "bearded lady" pose wedding dress

Reaching a hormonal imbalance, Harnaam Kaur learned to terms with their differences. She recently completed a photo shoot wedding dress ...

It ignites the web alone for days and for good reason, Harnaam Kaur, called "bearded lady" is reached polycystic ovary syndrome: a hormonal disorder that gives it a significant hair. Recently spotted by the London photographer Louisa Coulthurst, the young woman posed for a series of shots in a wedding dress, relayed by Rock'N'Roll Bride.

"Before, I used my face to remove hair with wax two to three times a week"
Harnaam Kaur who has long suffered from the eyes of others on Instagram says she was 11 years old when his beard began to grow. "There is in me a hormonal imbalance that fact that I have more male hormones to female hormones in the body, this is particularly why I have a beard. Before, I had the used to remove hair on my face wax two to three times a week, and days when I could not, because of the pain, I was shaving. " Today, the young woman who claims to be an "activist confidence" has become the darling of the English media which the Daily Mail, which seized its history.

"I like my beard, my stretch marks and my scars"
Harnaam Kaur says her life changed at the age of 16. She said then that the energy she had put for five years wanting to die rather than face the ridicule of his camardes would be more effective in another area. "I stopped to hurt me and I fell in love the elements of my body that some may call flaws. I love my beard, my stretch marks and my scars. These elements are that I am who I am, they do it all, they make me whole. My beard is the source of strength and my confidence. I keep my hair to show the world a different image of the woman, confident, diverse and strong. I like my beard and I the always cherish, "she says, confident on Instagram.

Although in his body and in his head, the British want to be an example for young women of complexed world. Recently, she decided to convert to the Sikh religion, which advocates the hair and the prohibition of waxing the body.


Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2015/2016 has just been completed and as each season, you selected the most beautiful wedding dresses!

The season is launched with married ballet Haute Couture fashion shows fall-winter 2015/2016 in Paris. Passage almost obliged for creators, who come to greet the assembly arm of immaculate shape.

This season, Karl Lagerfeld does not violate custom and made the show at the end of the Chanel show! Under the glass roof of the Grand Palais transformed into a casino for the occasion, he appealed to the top of the moment inevitably, Kendall Jenner, wearing not a dress but an ivory wedding dress! Com a good shot when you know that the Kaiser never misses an opportunity to talk about his unconventional bride (a pregnant bride, a married gay couple ...)!

More tradi but equally spectacular, the bride creator Elie Saab, all in embroidery and lace leaves the forehead rows speechless, Disney pincesses had better watch out!

While some like Raf Simons for Dior will pay the luxury of not scroll Haute Couture married, they nevertheless offer alternative "white robes" that allow to project more dreamy!

Ralph & Russo, each passage makes you want to go to the mayor while in Margiela, John Galliano (DA from home for the 2nd season) plays with the codes of the house offering a coiled Haute Couture bride in a creative way quilt XXL ...

Sexy at Alexandre Vauthier, amazon or at Versace dancer at Franck Sorbier, discover all the wedding dresses Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2015/2016!

Nicky Hilton sublime wedding dress, accidentally reveals his legs

Nicky Hilton, younger sister of Paris, married in London yesterday her fiancé, James Rothschild. White princess dress, beautiful gardens, maid of honor angelic ... Everything was perfect. Well almost.

London, a princess wedding, does it mean anything? Yesterday Nicky Hilton has offered the remake of the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. The arm of her father Richard Hilton, which led to the altar, the little sister of Paris was sublime.

The beautiful blonde wearing a beautiful white lace dress Valentino signed. To celebrate the happiest day of her life, she could count on her sister, Paris Hilton, who for the occasion had left her outfits in the closet too short. The DJette obviously bridesmaid, was wearing a long blue dress that made her a wise air.

Nicky Hilton joined her future husband, James Rothschild, in the gardens of Kensington Palace, specially decorated with white peonies. Its long tail made him some miseries, the bride was to be accompanied by an entire team to put everything in place before the big moment.

After saying "yes" to his wealthy banker, Nicky regained his guests in the gardens. On the list, one could find names including Chelsea Clinton and Naomi Campbell. And it is at that moment that everything went wrong. Again followed his shock troops, the dress lifted to the thighs, the young woman found herself legs in air. A centimeter more and could see her panties. The game of the Garter was there already? Who started the auction? That we will never know.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Fashion Buzz: Computer graphics dresses royal brides Zalando

Full details of the wedding dresses of princesses in history were grouped by Zalando in a glamorous graphics. Between fashion and anecdotes, it treats us

This weekend, one of the most eligible bachelors in the world married. Carl Philip of Sweden is no longer a heart to take: he has just married Sonia Hellqvist. On the occasion of the royal wedding, the online shoe store site Zalando issued a royal graphics. This represents nearly a century of princess dresses, literally since it is the royal weddings dresses that are represented. From Elizabeth dress, the Duchess of York, who married in 1923 to that of Tatiana Santo Domingo, wife of Prince Andrea Casiraghi, many famous dresses are designed and detailed there. We remember well the dress of Lady Diana at her wedding to Prince Charles, the troll 7,62m was one of the longest in the history of royal families! We also remember that of Madeleine of Sweden, married in 2013, sublime silk organza lace and ivory, designed by Valentino. From our side, we are preparing for the wedding season by visiting ShopStyle which selects our formal wear summer.

Recently, it was, too, the wedding cravings before the wedding capsule collection La Redoute x Brigitte Bardot. Today Zalando deliver one layer with its computer graphics royal wedding dresses. To make it fun, Zalando had the brilliant idea to add an anecdote about the dress or the wedding of one that wore it. With this fun infographic, for example we learn that Charlene Wittstock wedding dress, the wife of Albert II of Monaco has requested not less than 2500 hours of labor due in particular to 40,000 Swarovski crystals and 20,000 inlaid pearl tears. Zalando also reveals that Beatrix (Queen of the Netherlands juqu'en 2013) itself which came up with the design of her wedding outfit. One can also know the creator of each dress, their materials, ornaments that compose the final touch and even the length of lagging behind if there is. Computer graphics Zalando is found in its entirety here.

An anonymous man donated his wife's wedding dress with a moving message

A charity recently received a beautiful wedding dress vintage from a man. The message attached to the dress was beautiful.

It is a strange package that received the St Gemma's Hospice in Leeds there a few days: a gorgeous vintage wedding dress, dating back to the 50. The dress was accompanied by an anonymous but touching note: "I 'hopes that the woman will this dress will have a good life with her husband. 56, as I did. I was a lucky man to marry my wife. "

The charity center, moved by this gift, decided to put the dress on Ebay, but especially to find the donor. It only took a few hours. One who prefers to remain anonymous declares delighted to know that his wife's wedding dress has helped so many people.