Friday, June 19, 2015

Fashion Buzz: Computer graphics dresses royal brides Zalando

Full details of the wedding dresses of princesses in history were grouped by Zalando in a glamorous graphics. Between fashion and anecdotes, it treats us

This weekend, one of the most eligible bachelors in the world married. Carl Philip of Sweden is no longer a heart to take: he has just married Sonia Hellqvist. On the occasion of the royal wedding, the online shoe store site Zalando issued a royal graphics. This represents nearly a century of princess dresses, literally since it is the royal weddings dresses that are represented. From Elizabeth dress, the Duchess of York, who married in 1923 to that of Tatiana Santo Domingo, wife of Prince Andrea Casiraghi, many famous dresses are designed and detailed there. We remember well the dress of Lady Diana at her wedding to Prince Charles, the troll 7,62m was one of the longest in the history of royal families! We also remember that of Madeleine of Sweden, married in 2013, sublime silk organza lace and ivory, designed by Valentino. From our side, we are preparing for the wedding season by visiting ShopStyle which selects our formal wear summer.

Recently, it was, too, the wedding cravings before the wedding capsule collection La Redoute x Brigitte Bardot. Today Zalando deliver one layer with its computer graphics royal wedding dresses. To make it fun, Zalando had the brilliant idea to add an anecdote about the dress or the wedding of one that wore it. With this fun infographic, for example we learn that Charlene Wittstock wedding dress, the wife of Albert II of Monaco has requested not less than 2500 hours of labor due in particular to 40,000 Swarovski crystals and 20,000 inlaid pearl tears. Zalando also reveals that Beatrix (Queen of the Netherlands juqu'en 2013) itself which came up with the design of her wedding outfit. One can also know the creator of each dress, their materials, ornaments that compose the final touch and even the length of lagging behind if there is. Computer graphics Zalando is found in its entirety here.

An anonymous man donated his wife's wedding dress with a moving message

A charity recently received a beautiful wedding dress vintage from a man. The message attached to the dress was beautiful.

It is a strange package that received the St Gemma's Hospice in Leeds there a few days: a gorgeous vintage wedding dress, dating back to the 50. The dress was accompanied by an anonymous but touching note: "I 'hopes that the woman will this dress will have a good life with her husband. 56, as I did. I was a lucky man to marry my wife. "

The charity center, moved by this gift, decided to put the dress on Ebay, but especially to find the donor. It only took a few hours. One who prefers to remain anonymous declares delighted to know that his wife's wedding dress has helped so many people.

Wedding Dresses: the most beautiful creations in toilet paper

Toilet paper is more likely that it looks. As proof the 11th annual competition in toilet paper wedding dress was held in New York on June 17 The competition organized by in partnership with PQ brand "Charmin" has seen nearly 1,498 participants only for tools (besides the toilet paper) tape, glue, needles and son. The jury was composed of among others Michael Russo, specializing in matrimonial events, and co-owner of the trademark dresses Kleinfeld Bridal.

"The work presented in our contests are better year after year," enthused Laura Gawne, co-founder of Cheap Chic Weddings. "We are constantly surprised by the projects and we like to see the creative talent of each candidate to become reality."

Many are called but few are chosen, at the end of the day, there were only 10 finalists. After several hours of deliberation, the jury selected Donna Pope as the winner of the contest. Although the theme of the competition ready to smile, creative inspiration leaves with the sum of $ 10,000 and will have the chance to see his model made a real wedding dress by Kleinfeld Bridal.

"Discover the most toilet paper dresses contest".

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Marriage of Carl Philip of Sweden: generous wedding

On the eve of the wedding of Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist, the Swedish Royal Court reported on its website that the couple would prefer donations to his charitable foundation instead of wedding gifts.

This is a very important weekend looming for Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist: tomorrow, they will be husband and wife. The luxurious festivities begin tonight with a dinner with the relatives and members of the elite. Then the big day, and his busy schedule, with the ceremony in the Royal Chapel at 16:30, followed by the salvation of the crowd during a carriage courses, 21 gunshots fired in honor of the married at the palace garden and the banquet and ball.

Picture : cheap formal dresses Australia

With the approach of this event, Princess Madeleine of Sweden is still not certain to be able to attend due to his imminent delivery, the Royal Court of Sweden issued an especially dedicated page on its website. It contains the detailed guest list and the prestigious providers, the precise program of the day, the biographies of the intending spouses, and a whole lot of useful information for wishing to attend.

Among them, an appeal for donations. As is customary, on the occasion of their marriage the couple have created a charity, theirs is called The Prince Couple's Foundation and is the care and education of children and youth in difficulty. Areas in which Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist are already involved and which are important to them. So instead of drowning in mountains of expensive gifts futile, future Duke and Duchess of Värmland prefer that donations be made to their Foundation.

Angels 7 - Shanna and Thibault: love, breakup, wedding ... return on their love story

Tonight, in episode 71 of the Angels of reality TV on NRJ12 7, viewers will attend the wedding of Shanna and Thibault, the "séritous" of reality TV. Revealed in 2012 The Marseillais in Miami on W9, the lovers are one of the leading couples of recent years. Back on their love story marked by love, clash and a break ...

In 2012, W9 launched the very first season of Marseille, tour in Miami, in the States. After card with Les Ch'tis in Ibiza last year, the DTT channel wanted to surf the same concept by sending around the world Southerners. Nine candidates from the world of the night (servers, DJ and go-go dancers) participated in this first edition, Shanna and Thibault.

Increasingly accomplices, they ended up putting a couple. After a second trip during spring break in Cancun, the two lovebirds have left to join W9 NRJ12 and thus participate in the Angels of reality TV 6.

A chaotic season in Australia

For this 2014 edition, Shanna and Thibault have soared in Australia alongside Amélie Neten, Anaïs Camizuli Eddy Julien or Guirado. After putting their luggage in the villa, lovers got acquainted with other candidates without any hassle from disrupting their relationship.

But the attraction of Amelie Thibault during the adventure detonated their relationship to the point of separating. A break very resented by Shanna but did not stop her from enjoying the result of his adventure. Conduct which eventually annoy Thibault, who was attempting to win her back.

Marriage NRJ12

Viewers found Shanna and Thibault to Rio for 7 Angels this season. And once again, their love is put to the test, particularly because of Jessica. Shanna has been criticized for being too close to her boyfriend. A blow to the former finalist Secret Story 8 who had to move away from his friend before his bags to return to France.

Shanna had not appreciated her man spends too much time with Raphael. Had a big fight then broke out before the young man could help matters with his marriage proposal on the beach. Tonight, viewers can follow their union on NRJ12 in the presence of the families of the bride and groom and candidates this season 7. Between tears, emotions, love and surprises, this marriage promises to be spectacular.

See you tonight at 18:15 on NRJ12 for the wedding of Shanna and Thibault in Angels of reality TV 7.

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Wedding Dress size XXL ails Honfleur

Noor Fares, daughter of a Lebanese millionaire, married in the Church of St. Catherine in the presence of a thousand guests. The teeth grind.


In Honfleur, Saint Catherine car park is closed from Friday afternoon. Security fences surround the wooden church and a bit distant steeple. In the choir, huge armfuls of white wisteria hang on the chandeliers. The pavement shines: "It has been completely scrubbed, which had not been done for several years," says Pascal Marie priest.

Civil marriage was celebrated in May in England. But for its religious wedding Saturday afternoon with financial Alexandre Al Khawam, Fund Vice President Africa Private Equity Team, Noor Fares, 29, a jeweler, was anxious at the church of St. Catherine Honfleur.

The father of the bride, Issam Fares, is the head of Wedge Group, which employs 70,000 people worldwide. The billionaire was also deputy prime minister of Lebanon between 2000 and 2005, a position where he increased international contacts. Maronite Christian, he has been decorated by Pope Francis.

The festival will be set in the neighboring stud Manneville, home to thoroughbred stable of Issam Fares four Parisian caterers are mobilized to sustain the guests. If former US Presidents Clinton and Bush have declined, not least a thousand happy (not so) Few will be present. Most will, according to the weekly Le Pays d'Auge, housed in institutions Barrière Deauville: Royal Hotel, Golf and Normandy will be for almost privatized occasion.

And "the church it is privatized? "Growls the Honfleur-Info site. Because that's saying that the happy event is no fun at all. It is not easy to channel a thousand people and vehicles in the flow of weekend tourists amid the narrow streets. By-law, traffic is permitted on some streets, while the Saturday market is held. The eleven municipal police officers will receive the backing of thirty private security guards.

The town hall, which was requested by the communications agency managing the marriage, warned residents by mail: "We are aware of the inconvenience that the event can bring. We did everything with the services of the National and Municipal Police, with the Assistant to the traffic and parking and technical services for minimize. "

In return for this temporary inconvenience, the Fares family pay 15,000 euros for mayor of Honfleur who will use this funding to the maintenance of the church and a chapel. Largesse that was not enough to appease the people of Honfleur. According to Ouest-France, "some feel put aside because of the ceremonial pomp."

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