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The lace wedding dress is trendy!

Transparency sets, embroidery, lace ... worked neckline comes to infinity on wedding dresses. Check out our selection of antique models on the web for ideas at will.

The lace wedding dress is a little the inevitable marriage, one that will never go out of fashion, and always knows how to renew. Whether you opt for traditional wedding, glamor or setting, lace is available on all styles, giving them a little chic and romantic note. And if to you it necessarily mean you and meringue evokes antiquated placemats your grandmother, you may well be surprised! If it gives your outfit a little vintage air, it can also be super sexy.

In 2015, the trend is delicate buttons on the sleeves or neckline. V bare backs that can go down to the size lurk under thin layers of lace, to suggest without much to show. Comes with a nice sailing, all is elegant without being ostentatious. Some also prefer to wear embroidered on princess dresses, more voluptuous, or play the game of transparency, dare but terribly sexy. Finally, a little bohemian cuts unstructured also have the spotlight, lace which gives a sophisticated look - but not much.

And users do not seem to shun the trend since the web is full of the most beautiful creations as each other. We have a selection of heather various styles of dresses, but which have in common the use of lace to sublimate. You are free to get inspired to cook up the look of your dreams for the big day

For more ideas, discover our selection of colored or inspired wedding dresses princess. And if you have a tight budget, the best picks for finding a cheap wedding dress.

Haute Couture Wedding Dress ah 2015/2016 The most beautiful dresses Haute Couture Fall-Winter Wedding

The week of Haute Couture has once again booked some nice surprises for brides. These may draw on the 2015/2016 autumn-winter creations designed by fashion houses in Paris and presented the 5 to 9 July 2015.

If these models are designed for wealthy clients, they are always fun to see and are a real source of inspiration. Let's be honest, a fashion show is less charming without its traditional transition Wedding Dress ...

Designers like Elie Saab, Ralph & Russo, Georges Hobeika Georges Chakra or imagine sumptuous princess dresses. Others let go and realize creations less traditional but equally beautiful, the Dior image, Alexandre Vauthier or Giambattista Valli. Finally, Chanel thumbed his nose at the wedding dress and reveals a bride pantsuit worn the beautiful ... We love Kendall Jenner.

Place the parade in pictures of the most beautiful wedding dresses identified during the week of Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2015/2016 in Paris.

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Harnaam Kaur, a "bearded lady" pose wedding dress

Reaching a hormonal imbalance, Harnaam Kaur learned to terms with their differences. She recently completed a photo shoot wedding dress ...

It ignites the web alone for days and for good reason, Harnaam Kaur, called "bearded lady" is reached polycystic ovary syndrome: a hormonal disorder that gives it a significant hair. Recently spotted by the London photographer Louisa Coulthurst, the young woman posed for a series of shots in a wedding dress, relayed by Rock'N'Roll Bride.

"Before, I used my face to remove hair with wax two to three times a week"
Harnaam Kaur who has long suffered from the eyes of others on Instagram says she was 11 years old when his beard began to grow. "There is in me a hormonal imbalance that fact that I have more male hormones to female hormones in the body, this is particularly why I have a beard. Before, I had the used to remove hair on my face wax two to three times a week, and days when I could not, because of the pain, I was shaving. " Today, the young woman who claims to be an "activist confidence" has become the darling of the English media which the Daily Mail, which seized its history.

"I like my beard, my stretch marks and my scars"
Harnaam Kaur says her life changed at the age of 16. She said then that the energy she had put for five years wanting to die rather than face the ridicule of his camardes would be more effective in another area. "I stopped to hurt me and I fell in love the elements of my body that some may call flaws. I love my beard, my stretch marks and my scars. These elements are that I am who I am, they do it all, they make me whole. My beard is the source of strength and my confidence. I keep my hair to show the world a different image of the woman, confident, diverse and strong. I like my beard and I the always cherish, "she says, confident on Instagram.

Although in his body and in his head, the British want to be an example for young women of complexed world. Recently, she decided to convert to the Sikh religion, which advocates the hair and the prohibition of waxing the body.


Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2015/2016 has just been completed and as each season, you selected the most beautiful wedding dresses!

The season is launched with married ballet Haute Couture fashion shows fall-winter 2015/2016 in Paris. Passage almost obliged for creators, who come to greet the assembly arm of immaculate shape.

This season, Karl Lagerfeld does not violate custom and made the show at the end of the Chanel show! Under the glass roof of the Grand Palais transformed into a casino for the occasion, he appealed to the top of the moment inevitably, Kendall Jenner, wearing not a dress but an ivory wedding dress! Com a good shot when you know that the Kaiser never misses an opportunity to talk about his unconventional bride (a pregnant bride, a married gay couple ...)!

More tradi but equally spectacular, the bride creator Elie Saab, all in embroidery and lace leaves the forehead rows speechless, Disney pincesses had better watch out!

While some like Raf Simons for Dior will pay the luxury of not scroll Haute Couture married, they nevertheless offer alternative "white robes" that allow to project more dreamy!

Ralph & Russo, each passage makes you want to go to the mayor while in Margiela, John Galliano (DA from home for the 2nd season) plays with the codes of the house offering a coiled Haute Couture bride in a creative way quilt XXL ...

Sexy at Alexandre Vauthier, amazon or at Versace dancer at Franck Sorbier, discover all the wedding dresses Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2015/2016!

Nicky Hilton sublime wedding dress, accidentally reveals his legs

Nicky Hilton, younger sister of Paris, married in London yesterday her fiancé, James Rothschild. White princess dress, beautiful gardens, maid of honor angelic ... Everything was perfect. Well almost.

London, a princess wedding, does it mean anything? Yesterday Nicky Hilton has offered the remake of the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. The arm of her father Richard Hilton, which led to the altar, the little sister of Paris was sublime.

The beautiful blonde wearing a beautiful white lace dress Valentino signed. To celebrate the happiest day of her life, she could count on her sister, Paris Hilton, who for the occasion had left her outfits in the closet too short. The DJette obviously bridesmaid, was wearing a long blue dress that made her a wise air.

Nicky Hilton joined her future husband, James Rothschild, in the gardens of Kensington Palace, specially decorated with white peonies. Its long tail made him some miseries, the bride was to be accompanied by an entire team to put everything in place before the big moment.

After saying "yes" to his wealthy banker, Nicky regained his guests in the gardens. On the list, one could find names including Chelsea Clinton and Naomi Campbell. And it is at that moment that everything went wrong. Again followed his shock troops, the dress lifted to the thighs, the young woman found herself legs in air. A centimeter more and could see her panties. The game of the Garter was there already? Who started the auction? That we will never know.

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Fashion Buzz: Computer graphics dresses royal brides Zalando

Full details of the wedding dresses of princesses in history were grouped by Zalando in a glamorous graphics. Between fashion and anecdotes, it treats us

This weekend, one of the most eligible bachelors in the world married. Carl Philip of Sweden is no longer a heart to take: he has just married Sonia Hellqvist. On the occasion of the royal wedding, the online shoe store site Zalando issued a royal graphics. This represents nearly a century of princess dresses, literally since it is the royal weddings dresses that are represented. From Elizabeth dress, the Duchess of York, who married in 1923 to that of Tatiana Santo Domingo, wife of Prince Andrea Casiraghi, many famous dresses are designed and detailed there. We remember well the dress of Lady Diana at her wedding to Prince Charles, the troll 7,62m was one of the longest in the history of royal families! We also remember that of Madeleine of Sweden, married in 2013, sublime silk organza lace and ivory, designed by Valentino. From our side, we are preparing for the wedding season by visiting ShopStyle which selects our formal wear summer.

Recently, it was, too, the wedding cravings before the wedding capsule collection La Redoute x Brigitte Bardot. Today Zalando deliver one layer with its computer graphics royal wedding dresses. To make it fun, Zalando had the brilliant idea to add an anecdote about the dress or the wedding of one that wore it. With this fun infographic, for example we learn that Charlene Wittstock wedding dress, the wife of Albert II of Monaco has requested not less than 2500 hours of labor due in particular to 40,000 Swarovski crystals and 20,000 inlaid pearl tears. Zalando also reveals that Beatrix (Queen of the Netherlands juqu'en 2013) itself which came up with the design of her wedding outfit. One can also know the creator of each dress, their materials, ornaments that compose the final touch and even the length of lagging behind if there is. Computer graphics Zalando is found in its entirety here.

An anonymous man donated his wife's wedding dress with a moving message

A charity recently received a beautiful wedding dress vintage from a man. The message attached to the dress was beautiful.

It is a strange package that received the St Gemma's Hospice in Leeds there a few days: a gorgeous vintage wedding dress, dating back to the 50. The dress was accompanied by an anonymous but touching note: "I 'hopes that the woman will this dress will have a good life with her husband. 56, as I did. I was a lucky man to marry my wife. "

The charity center, moved by this gift, decided to put the dress on Ebay, but especially to find the donor. It only took a few hours. One who prefers to remain anonymous declares delighted to know that his wife's wedding dress has helped so many people.

Wedding Dresses: the most beautiful creations in toilet paper

Toilet paper is more likely that it looks. As proof the 11th annual competition in toilet paper wedding dress was held in New York on June 17 The competition organized by in partnership with PQ brand "Charmin" has seen nearly 1,498 participants only for tools (besides the toilet paper) tape, glue, needles and son. The jury was composed of among others Michael Russo, specializing in matrimonial events, and co-owner of the trademark dresses Kleinfeld Bridal.

"The work presented in our contests are better year after year," enthused Laura Gawne, co-founder of Cheap Chic Weddings. "We are constantly surprised by the projects and we like to see the creative talent of each candidate to become reality."

Many are called but few are chosen, at the end of the day, there were only 10 finalists. After several hours of deliberation, the jury selected Donna Pope as the winner of the contest. Although the theme of the competition ready to smile, creative inspiration leaves with the sum of $ 10,000 and will have the chance to see his model made a real wedding dress by Kleinfeld Bridal.

"Discover the most toilet paper dresses contest".

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Marriage of Carl Philip of Sweden: generous wedding

On the eve of the wedding of Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist, the Swedish Royal Court reported on its website that the couple would prefer donations to his charitable foundation instead of wedding gifts.

This is a very important weekend looming for Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist: tomorrow, they will be husband and wife. The luxurious festivities begin tonight with a dinner with the relatives and members of the elite. Then the big day, and his busy schedule, with the ceremony in the Royal Chapel at 16:30, followed by the salvation of the crowd during a carriage courses, 21 gunshots fired in honor of the married at the palace garden and the banquet and ball.

Picture : cheap formal dresses Australia

With the approach of this event, Princess Madeleine of Sweden is still not certain to be able to attend due to his imminent delivery, the Royal Court of Sweden issued an especially dedicated page on its website. It contains the detailed guest list and the prestigious providers, the precise program of the day, the biographies of the intending spouses, and a whole lot of useful information for wishing to attend.

Among them, an appeal for donations. As is customary, on the occasion of their marriage the couple have created a charity, theirs is called The Prince Couple's Foundation and is the care and education of children and youth in difficulty. Areas in which Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist are already involved and which are important to them. So instead of drowning in mountains of expensive gifts futile, future Duke and Duchess of Värmland prefer that donations be made to their Foundation.

Angels 7 - Shanna and Thibault: love, breakup, wedding ... return on their love story

Tonight, in episode 71 of the Angels of reality TV on NRJ12 7, viewers will attend the wedding of Shanna and Thibault, the "séritous" of reality TV. Revealed in 2012 The Marseillais in Miami on W9, the lovers are one of the leading couples of recent years. Back on their love story marked by love, clash and a break ...

In 2012, W9 launched the very first season of Marseille, tour in Miami, in the States. After card with Les Ch'tis in Ibiza last year, the DTT channel wanted to surf the same concept by sending around the world Southerners. Nine candidates from the world of the night (servers, DJ and go-go dancers) participated in this first edition, Shanna and Thibault.

Increasingly accomplices, they ended up putting a couple. After a second trip during spring break in Cancun, the two lovebirds have left to join W9 NRJ12 and thus participate in the Angels of reality TV 6.

A chaotic season in Australia

For this 2014 edition, Shanna and Thibault have soared in Australia alongside Amélie Neten, Anaïs Camizuli Eddy Julien or Guirado. After putting their luggage in the villa, lovers got acquainted with other candidates without any hassle from disrupting their relationship.

But the attraction of Amelie Thibault during the adventure detonated their relationship to the point of separating. A break very resented by Shanna but did not stop her from enjoying the result of his adventure. Conduct which eventually annoy Thibault, who was attempting to win her back.

Marriage NRJ12

Viewers found Shanna and Thibault to Rio for 7 Angels this season. And once again, their love is put to the test, particularly because of Jessica. Shanna has been criticized for being too close to her boyfriend. A blow to the former finalist Secret Story 8 who had to move away from his friend before his bags to return to France.

Shanna had not appreciated her man spends too much time with Raphael. Had a big fight then broke out before the young man could help matters with his marriage proposal on the beach. Tonight, viewers can follow their union on NRJ12 in the presence of the families of the bride and groom and candidates this season 7. Between tears, emotions, love and surprises, this marriage promises to be spectacular.

See you tonight at 18:15 on NRJ12 for the wedding of Shanna and Thibault in Angels of reality TV 7.

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Wedding Dress size XXL ails Honfleur

Noor Fares, daughter of a Lebanese millionaire, married in the Church of St. Catherine in the presence of a thousand guests. The teeth grind.


In Honfleur, Saint Catherine car park is closed from Friday afternoon. Security fences surround the wooden church and a bit distant steeple. In the choir, huge armfuls of white wisteria hang on the chandeliers. The pavement shines: "It has been completely scrubbed, which had not been done for several years," says Pascal Marie priest.

Civil marriage was celebrated in May in England. But for its religious wedding Saturday afternoon with financial Alexandre Al Khawam, Fund Vice President Africa Private Equity Team, Noor Fares, 29, a jeweler, was anxious at the church of St. Catherine Honfleur.

The father of the bride, Issam Fares, is the head of Wedge Group, which employs 70,000 people worldwide. The billionaire was also deputy prime minister of Lebanon between 2000 and 2005, a position where he increased international contacts. Maronite Christian, he has been decorated by Pope Francis.

The festival will be set in the neighboring stud Manneville, home to thoroughbred stable of Issam Fares four Parisian caterers are mobilized to sustain the guests. If former US Presidents Clinton and Bush have declined, not least a thousand happy (not so) Few will be present. Most will, according to the weekly Le Pays d'Auge, housed in institutions Barrière Deauville: Royal Hotel, Golf and Normandy will be for almost privatized occasion.

And "the church it is privatized? "Growls the Honfleur-Info site. Because that's saying that the happy event is no fun at all. It is not easy to channel a thousand people and vehicles in the flow of weekend tourists amid the narrow streets. By-law, traffic is permitted on some streets, while the Saturday market is held. The eleven municipal police officers will receive the backing of thirty private security guards.

The town hall, which was requested by the communications agency managing the marriage, warned residents by mail: "We are aware of the inconvenience that the event can bring. We did everything with the services of the National and Municipal Police, with the Assistant to the traffic and parking and technical services for minimize. "

In return for this temporary inconvenience, the Fares family pay 15,000 euros for mayor of Honfleur who will use this funding to the maintenance of the church and a chapel. Largesse that was not enough to appease the people of Honfleur. According to Ouest-France, "some feel put aside because of the ceremonial pomp."

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Rumer Willis’ Plunging Black Dress On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Finale

All eyes were on Rumer Willis during the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ season finale May 19, as much for her stunning sheer costume as for her dancing skills. The actress showed off a dark and dramatic look fit for a champion.

In the highly anticipated season finale of DWTS, Rumer Willis, 26, stole the show (and the coveted mirrorball trophy) on May 19. For her final performance with partner Val Chmerkovskiy, Rumer stepped out in a black dress with a plunging neckline and sheer bodice and sleeves that were accented with lots of sparkles. Get the details on Rumer’s Dancing With The Stars finale dress.

Rumer Willis’ ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Finale Dress

Rumer’s fitted dress with its flowing, high-slit was the perfect choice for her final pasodoble, foxtrot fusion dance. The plunging neckline and beaded detailing on the sheer panels showed off Rumer’s toned body, while the skirt moved gracefully as she danced.

While it may be best worn on the dance floor, you can channel a similar look with Boohoo Maddie Lace Maxi Dress, $44. Or River Island Black Sheer Panel Peplum Dress, $60, for a shorter option.

To finish the look, Rumer wore her long, dark locks in a curly ponytail with a burgundy floral hairpiece that matched her dark lipstick. The rich, wine lip was the perfect complement to her dramatic dress.
Rumer’s Dramatic ‘DWTS’ Costume

After the celebrations, Rumer shared her thanks to partner Val on Instagram, saying: “@iamvalc words cannot describe the the gratitude, love and appreciation I have for you and this incredible journey we have been on the past 3 months. Thank you for your courage, support, friendship, loyalty, humor, drive, passion, your unconditionally support and belief in me not only as a person but as a dancer. You are truly one of a kind and I am honored to call you my friend and partner. This has been the most incredible experience of my entire life and I wouldn’t want to share it with any one else but you. I am so proud of us. #teamValenrue.”

What did you think of Rumer’s finale dress? Were you happy to see her crowned the Season 20 winner?

See controversial prom dresses from all over the country

This season, the prom police have been denying entrance to dresses at dances across the country and imposing increasingly strict dress codes.

Our recent story about a Seminole, AL teen kicked out of a Pensacola prom for her leg-revealing designer dress is just a drop in the bucket of frocks deemed too provocative for prom.

Legs, cleavage and side and back skin, are the main enemies of the state of proper prom fashion.

And so are potentially incendiary signs of the south.

Dyer, Tenn. high school student Texanna Edwards wore a red, white and blue dress with a rebel flag print to the Gibson County High School prom and was promptly refused entrance.

According to a story in The Tennessean, a teacher warned Edwards two months before the prom to reconsider her choice of dress.

Eddie Pruett, the director of schools for the Gibson County area also said there have been race-related issues at Gibson County High and principal James believed the dress had the potential to exacerbate those issues.

"I feel like Hughes followed legal precedents set by other court cases. Students have legal rights, and we don't infringe upon those," Pruett said. "But we have to follow legal precedents, and if there is a reason to believe something could happen, we don't wait until after the fact to do something."

Back to dresses that supposedly show too much skin or draw too much attention to certain sexualized body parts.

One teen who was asked to leave a homeschool prom in Virginia because simple sparkly silver dress was too short was told by a chaperone that the sight of her dancing in that frock was bound to give the boys "impure thoughts."
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See-Through Wedding Dress Trend Leaves Little to the Imagination

Celebrities are causing sheer madness on the red carpet, and now some blushing brides are taking the trend down the aisle.

Terry Hall, fashion director at Kleinfeld in New York City, told INSIDE EDITION, “It's for the girl that's very confident. She's worked really hard to get her body in shape. She wants to show it and she's proud of it.”

Read: Bride Who Nearly Died Trashing Her Dress: 'I Don't Regret It'

"One dress doesn't leave a lot to the imagination. She really is covered in a nude mesh lining, even though it looks a bit risqué, there is nothing that's really exposed,” said Hall.

If that's way too revealing, there are dresses that tones things down, just a little.

Another dress is a see-through gown with a corset bodice.

Hall said, "Even though it's one piece, it gives you the look of two dresses. It's almost as if she's wearing an overlay over a mini dress underneath."

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So, what do real brides think? “I just feel like that's what you would see at a strip club, not at a wedding,” said one bride.

“I like that it's completely effortless. It feels like you're wearing absolutely nothing,” said another.  

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Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown's Wedding Was An Extravagant Affair, Can Lifetime's 'Whitney' Pull It Off?

What makes a great celebrity wedding to you? A fabulous dress? A star studded guest list? A bit of good gossip? The 1992 wedding of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had all that and then some. To say that Whitney and Bobby had a tumultuous relationship is an understatement. Theirs is a pairing of pure melodrama, which makes them a perfect fit for a TV movie. Well, for those who have been dreaming of a Whitney Houston biopic, you’re in luck. Whitney airs Saturday Jan. 17 on Lifetime. The biopic is directed by Houston’s Waiting to Exhale co-star Angela Bassett and has Yaya DaCosta taking on the iconic singer. Of course, this movie may produce more drinking games than awards, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun to watch. One question I’ve been wondering about is whether the film’s version will up to the extravagance of Houston and Brown’s real wedding.

Bassett definitely wants to stay true to the story, as she told USA Today, ”I have a great respect, love and desire to hold up [Houston’s] legacy. I respect the lives of the people I put onstage. It’s their life, their heartbeat.” Bassett may want to respect the legacy, but reproducing the lavishness of Whitney and Bobby’s lifestyle at the beginning of their marriage is not an easy feat on a TV movie budget. Before watching Whitney this Saturday, why don’t we take a look back at the expensive and over-the-top plus size wedding dresses at wedding Whitney and Bobby had in real life.

Newlyweds Upset About Wedding Photographer's "Cover" Charge

Two Dallas newlyweds claim that their wedding photographer is holding their pictures hostage unless they pay an extra fee for a “cover” for their photo album – even though they already paid for the book itself.

Andrew and Neely Moldovan got married in October.

"This is supposed to be the happiest day of our life and we just want our memories from it, you know,” Neely Moldovan said. “We just want the pictures."

Months before their wedding, they hired photographer Andrea Polito and paid her more than $6,000.

Among the items, the contract included a "40 page 8.5x12 Storybook Album with up to 80 images."

But when they went to order it this month, they said Polito told them they needed to order the album “cover” at an additional cost.

In a series of emails, the Moldovans wrote: "Do we pay extra for a cover? Is there not a standard cover it comes with?"

The response: "Your package includes the 40 pages & 80 images portion of the album, but we leave the album cover to be decided on when you actually order (it)..."

The cheapest cover is $150.

"We can pay the $150, but it's the principle,” Neely Moldovan said. “It's not the money to us. It's the principle of the fact we already paid you."

The contract doesn't mention anything about any additional charges for a cover.

"It just didn't make sense,” Andrew Moldovan said. “An album comes with a cover. It's a component of an album. It's a book."

Dallas wedding planner Donnie Brown, who has organized more than 3,000 weddings over 30 years, said he has never heard of a photographer charging extra for an album “cover.”

"Everything should be transparent and it should have been done up front,” he said. "If you put a proposal on the table and you say this is what it's going to cost you and these are the items you are going to get, that's what you need to do.”

The Moldovans said they also have not received a CD of their pictures, which was also part of their agreement.

In a series of emails the couple shared with NBC 5, the photographer told them unless they pay for the cover or "forfeit" the album, they can't get the disk either.

What's more, according to the emails, if the Moldovans don't do anything by Feb. 18, the photographer will "archive" their pictures. Retrieving them after that will cost another $250, according to the emails.

"It's heartbreaking because these are our memories,” Neely Moldovan said. “Our wedding was over three months ago."

In a statement to NBC 5, Polito said, “We make the utmost effort to consistently provide the best customer service and highest quality of photography in the industry.”

She said she was trying to work with the couple to resolve the issue and that the extra charge was clearly labeled in the order form.

Asked about the timetable and the couple’s claim that they were never told about the extra charge until after their wedding, Polito did not respond.

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Friday Box Office: 'Wedding Ringer,' 'Paddington' Score

There were other movies this weekend other than American Sniper, and this will be the place where I discuss them. Sony’s The Wedding Ringer opened yesterday with a solid $7 million yesterday, setting the stage for a $20.5m Fri-Sun frame and $23.8m Fri-Mon debut weekend. This was an interesting test case of sorts for Kevin Hart, as the somewhat generic looking comedy (sold as Hitch meets I Love You, Man meets The Hangover) was Hart’s first vehicle to surround him with mostly white cast members (none of whom are box office draws). The film felt like an oddly lower profile release in the media, and I suppose it was drowned out by all the Oscar talk and Michael Mann think pieces/retrospectives.

Sony’s marketing was mostly based on a deluge of preview screenings and various would-be “viral” events (such as Hart and Gad crashing weddings). Even if the debut comes in below the $48m Fri-Mon debut of Ride Along (duh), the $29m Fri-Sun debut of Think Like A Man Too, or even the $25m debut of About Last Night, we’re still talking about a $23m R-rated comedy that will make its budget back by Monday.If Sony and/or Kevin Hart was attempting to get white audiences that otherwise avoided the likes of Ride Along, they picked the wrong weekend to open. I imagine that Get Hard, which co-stars an actual comedy movie star (Will Ferrell) will do a bit better than March.

The next big release is The Weinstein Company’s Paddington. The $55 million Heyday Films/Studio Canal production was supposed to debut over Christmas but was moved to avoid the deluge of Into the Woods, Annie, and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Good choice, folks. The film has already earned a stunning $122m worldwide going into the weekend, and the utterly charming and robustly entertaining family film earned $4.66 million last night, which paves the way for a $19m Fri-Sun and $23m Fri-Mon debut frame. Again, the film has already made a mint around the world, especially in the UK, so its success in America is basically gravy.

The rave reviews didn’t hurt either, as the film scored a 98% from Rotten Tomatoes. By the way, for all the (admittedly amusing) talk about how creepy Paddington looked when the first image was released, it should be noted that not a single kid in our packed Friday night audience was remotely frightened on the adorable little bear. As is the case with “dead eyes” performance capture, I am again amused by how much effort adults put into being frightened or creeped out by something that was intended for children and doesn’t remotely frighten said target audience. I don’t know a single kid in ten years who ever had any issues with The Polar Express‘s animation techniques.

The last new wide release was the first major bomb of the year. Michael Mann’s Blackhat probably counted on being the big R-rated muscular action movie of the weekend, but that plan backfired spectacularly. With action junkies flocking to American Sniper and/or Taken 3, the Chris Hemsworth cyber-thriller earned just $1.4 million on its first day. The $70m Legendary Pictures release, distributed by Universal/Comcast Corp., will likely end its holiday weekend with $4.8m and will be lucky to get to $15m total in America. The potential good news is that much of the film takes place in Hong Kong and features Chinese actors like Wei Tang and Leeholm Tang in starring roles alongside Chris Hemsworth. I imagine Universal is hoping the film will play in China and play well in China. But that’s a lot of “if and when” speculation. Its trump card, that is was an R-rated, adult-skewing, old-school star-driven action thriller, was completely negated by American Sniper. The low-key film was never going to be a domestic blockbuster, but it may end up, when adjusted for inflation, being Michael Mann’s lowest-grossing film ever.

Lions Gate and Pantelion Films released Spare Parts in 441 theaters. The George Lopez/Jamie Lee Curtis/Marisa Tomei feel-good drama about kids who form a robotics club earned around $250,000 yesterday for a $825k weekend. It’s nothing to brag about, but I thought you should know about it. In holdover news, Taken 3 earned $4.25 million (-71%) on its second Friday, which is worse than the 61% Friday-to-Friday drop for Taken 2. Nonetheless, the $48m Liam Neeson sequel will likely end the holiday frame with a $14m Fri-Sun frame and $17m haul (-63% from the Fri-Sun $39m debut) and a $66m eleven-day total. Considering it has already made $64m overseas heading into this weekend, no one will be weeping for Fox or Europacorp.

The Best Wedding Cakes Of 2014

We look at pretty wedding cakes all day, every day but there are always those that stand out, and 2014 proved to be a super stylish year in the wedding cake department. Even though we saw the rise of creatively displayed alternative wedding desserts like doughnuts, cake push-pops and good ol' fashion milk and cookies, the wedding cake proved it's staying power.

In fact, the traditional wedding cake has been reinvented in fresh new ways with trends like painted cakes, single-layer cakes and even the return of the pillar cake . See below for our picks for the best wedding cakes from the past year.

By Simone Hill for

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Desiree Hartsock Wedding Scoop: ‘Bachelorette’ Star Ready To Marry Chris Siegfried

The Bachelorette stars Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are about to get married, though the big event won’t be airing on ABC. Though Desiree and Chris haven’t shared the date of their wedding with fans, it is known to be happening in January, and now they are dishing out a few additional tidbits. What is known so far about Chris and Desiree’s wedding?

Desiree and Chris chatted with the Puget Sound Business Journal and shared some new details. The Bachelorette stars will be getting married in Los Angeles later this month, and they say all of the planning is done. While ABC isn’t televising it, Hartsock and Siegfried share that Us Weekly will have exclusive rights to the event and pictures. That is good news for fans, who will be thrilled to see the event in print even if it’s not on television.

Molly Mesnick will be a bridesmaid, and the dresses are fuchsia-berry colored. Hartsock has previously shared that there will be some other familiar franchise faces in the wedding party and at the nuptials as well. Desiree has designed her own gown, along with a second dress for the reception. Chris and his groomsmen will be in charcoal-gray suits with blush champagne-colored ties.

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Siegfried makes the hearts of his Bachelorette fans swoon by saying that he knew from the beginning of the show that he wanted to marry Desiree. Though Hartsock’s final episodes of her season were some of the most dramatic ever for the franchise, Chris and Des have lived a fairly low-key life together in Seattle since their season ended.

Chris shared via Desiree’s blog that the planning was actually wrapped up a few weeks ahead of the big day. He says that there were a few components of the wedding that he was responsible for and he had a voice in others. It sounds as if it will be an afternoon wedding with an evening reception, as Siegfried mentions having to be on his feet from noon until midnight on their wedding day.

While there have been many doubters along the way to Desiree and Chris’ wedding day, Bachelorette fans are happy for their success. Their success, with so many who never thought they’d stay together, ends up being quite the interesting contrast right now to Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, who split this week.

Reality Steve was one of many who doubted Des and Chris would marry. However, he shared via Twitter this week that he has kept his promise and shipped off a wedding gift to the Bachelorette couple.

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried found their happily-ever-after on their season of The Bachelorette and now fans hope that Chris Soules does the same on this new season of The Bachelor. Desiree and Chris’ fans won’t have to wait too much longer for scoop on the wedding and everyone hopes it’s a wonderful day for them.

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Okla. dog eats owner’s $23,000 wedding and engagement rings

 In one fell gulp, a Tulsa dog swallowed a wedding band and diamond engagement ring worth $23,000.

One minute the bands were sitting on a table, the next they were gone, replaced by a sheepish-looking Labrador puppy.

Stephanie Lamb has two dogs, but when her rings vanished, she knew exactly which pup was to blame.

 "I saw the dogs near the coffee table and remembered that I'd left my wedding rings sitting on the table last night," she told KOKI-TV.

"I knew that it was Sierra because she's just a little bit of a troublemaker. She's kind of the instigator," Lamb said.

 So off went Sierra to the vet's, where x-rays did indeed show the metallic objects lodge in the dog's stomach. Waiting for Mother Nature to have her way wasn't a consideration because of possible damage to Sierra's intestines.

Dr. Rodney Robards of Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital operated on the dog and plucked out the rings. He also found some other foreign objects.

 "She eats more than just rings, I'm afraid," the animal doc told the station. "Once I got inside the stomach, there were some rocks in there."

There were also some sticks or bones, Robards said. He couldn't tell the difference.

Sierra will be under the weather for a few days, but eventually she'll be just fine.

Lamb's son, Brady, said he didn't know what to make of the whole thing.

He thought "that my mom and dad weren't married anymore."

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cameron Diaz's touching wedding toast to Benji Madden

Cameron Diaz delivered a heartwarming toast to her new husband Benji Madden at their magical wedding with which they kicked off the New Year. The stunning blonde actress spoke before the couple's 127 guests to tell them and her new hubby: "I waited because I didn't want to settle."

According to MailOnline, the My Best Friend's Wedding star added: "Now I got the best man ever. My special man. He's mine."

Other touching details of their big day – which took place at Cameron's Beverly Hills mansion on Monday  – include the four-time Golden Globe nominee walking down the aisle to Nat King Cole's Stardust in a sparkly gown with a low-cut back.

Wedding guests included Christina Applegate, Wiz Khalifa, and Constance Leto – the mother of Cameron's Oscar-winning ex Jared Leto.

Other reported guests included bridesmaid Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Samantha Ronson, Toni Collette, Nancy Juvonen, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, and Benji's grandmother 'Jesse.'

Unexpected comedy came in the form of the couple's five-year-old ring bearer Sparrow Madden – the son of Benji's twin brother Joel and Nicole Richie – dropping one of the couple's wedding dresses bands.

"He dropped the ring and it rolled around. The audience began to chuckle," a source told MailOnline.

"But as both brothers – groom Benji and best man Joel – got on their hands and knees looking for it, the guests broke out into full laughter."

Further entertainment included performances by three-time Grammy nominee Ryan Adams, who serenaded the pair solo on his guitar, as well as four-time Grammy winner Lionel Richie (Nicole's adopted father), who performed his 1977 Commodores hit, Easy, on piano.

As an A-list Hollywood actress, there was naturally a dress change for the bride, who, before cutting the cake, could be heard asking Pussycat Dolls' Robin Antin and another friend to help her into her short-sleeved reception gown.

Friends and family enjoyed the festivities until the early hours of the morning, as DJ Patrick Belton mixed tunes from the likes of Rihanna, Warren G, Pharrell Williams, MIA, Bruno Mars, Jessie J, and Cameron's high-school friend Snoop Dogg.

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The Aiza-Liza wedding

Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño in their symbolic wedding ceremony in Batangas. Instagram/ Jun Lana

MANILA, Philippines-  After their wedding in California last year, Liza Diño and Aiza Seguerra held a symbolic wedding ceremony here in the Philippines.

The couple held the symbolic wedding with their extended family and friends who weren't able to attend their U.S. wedding.

The second wedding happened on Thursday in a beach somewhere in Batangas.

One key personality who was at the wedding was Vic Sotto, who paved way to Aiza's career in showbiz after she won in Little Miss Philippines in the noontime variety show “Eat Bulaga!.”

See the photos below for the highlights of the symbolic wedding, posted by their guests on their respective Instagram accounts.

Prom preview: It's that time again

It may be early January, but prom season is right around the corner.

Soon enough, high schoolers will begin flooding dress stores for that "wow factor" gown and browsing Pintrest for unique, sassy hairstyles and makeup ideas.

One women's clothing retailer, Camille La Vie and Group USA (also is already at your service with its 2015 prom collection.

Dresses this year by Camille La Vie and Group USA, which specializes in party dresses and formal evening gowns, launched their latest collection of red carpet style prom dresses.

Camille La Vie and Group USA provides some insight as to the most popular trends in dresses this upcoming prom season:

•Bold and beautiful colored dresses. "Think bright reds, canary yellows and rich fuchsias as you strut the dance floor," Camille La Vie and Group USA states online. "These types of colors work well as solids or you can wear exciting prints and patterns, such as a vivid floral dress or an animal print style. Complement your bold colors with dazzling hints of rhinestone jewelry, like a statement-making necklace or bracelet cuff with rhinestones."

Lovely lace dresses. Lace wedding dresses are versatile but if you want to stand out, opt for ones with a touch of pretty color, such as soft pinks, limes, seafoams, aquas or even ones in a darker, rich palette," Camille La Vie and Group USA states online. "This trend is prevalent amongst A-list celebrities as evening dresses on the red carpet. And when it comes to accessorizing, go minimal and let your dress stand out."

 Picture : Prom Dresses

•Fierce two-piece dresses. "The crop top look is so major this season, so it's no surprise that the two-piece trend has hit all the right fashion notes for prom," Camille La Vie and Group USA states online. "It's a uniquely daring style that's surely 'runway worthy'. Be the perfect epitome of haute couture chic in this must-have trend."

Graceful illusion dresses. "You'll create a sense of mystery with graceful hints of illusion along your dress' sleeves, neckline, back or skirt portion," Camille La Vie and Group USA states online. "And for coveted doses of party girl sparkle, combine this unique look with beading or sequin embellishment — this daring combination will make for the perfect head-to-toe prom look."

•Striking two-tone dresses. "It starts with a soft neutral base color that's enhanced with a vividly-hued overlay," Camille La Vie and Group USA states online. "This look results in ultimate glamour — creating a total look that is equal parts fierce and demurely sweet all at the same time. Picture nude tones under a gorgeous colored lace overlay comprised of decadent and luxurious fabric, or a soft hue under a more bold mesh overlay."

The 2015 collection will be available in February, but items can be pre-ordered online now.

Camille La Vie and Group USA can be found at Group USA at Secaucus, 25 Enterprise Ave., Secaucus; and Group USA at The Outlet Collection/Jersey Gardens at 651 Kapkowski Road, Elizabeth.

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Emily Blunt’s ‘Into The Woods’ Dress

Who wears a sweater dress on the red carpet? Emily Blunt does! She looked amazing in this chic-meets-comfort look as she promoted her new film, ‘Into The Woods,’ in London on Jan. 7. What do you think of her look?

Emily Blunt‘s red carpet looks are usually  pretty exclusive to the rich and famous, but her latest look is one that almost everyone can get their hands on! We’ve dug up the designer deets, so click below to SHOP Emily’s exact red carpet dress for under $100. How cool is that?

Emily Blunt’s ‘Into The Woods’ Bridesmaid Dress — SHOP

Sometimes less is more, and Emily proved it with this simple yet flattering look at a photocall for her new movie. She is wearing an Ann Taylor Side Button Sweater Dress with black tights and a pair of black pumps. The dress features contrasting black trim at the neckline, sleeves, and skirt hem, and it was just enough to add some flare to the laid-back style.

She opted to leave the accessories at home for this occasion, but she was a classic beauty in the practical look.

                              Source : short wedding dresses

Emily Blunt’s Best Red Carpet Looks:

As much as we love her comfy sweater dress, we can’t say it’s our favorite red carpet look from the Into The Woods star — there are so many to choose from!

She looked stunning in an orange drop back Alexander McQueen gown at the Harper’s Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards, and it took us weeks to get over her strapless black and green Jason Wu dress. Our favorite look, however, has to be her cherry red floor length Prada dress. This dress said “look at me” and really, we had no choice!

We could go on and on about Emily’s high fashion highlights, but the girl has definitely earned her right to keep it casual now and then. What do you think about her classic Ann Taylor look? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

she steps out in VERY low-cut white mini dress

She is hardly shy about her curvaceous body, but Kelly Brook stepped out wearing a particularly daring white dress in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The brunette model and occasional TV host turned heads as she walked through Beverly Hills with a female pal, after she was announced as the spokesperson of the Atkins diet.

The actress, 35, flashed plenty of flesh as she embarked on a girly expedition for a manicure.

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Seemingly make-up free, she wore her hair in a casual, messy side-parting and sported a pair of terracotta-coloured wedges.

Unsurprisingly, the look garnered plenty of attention from onlookers in the surrounding area.

The star seemed to be enjoying her rather indulgent pamper session, as she was treated to a manicure and a massage all in one go by an army of beauticians.

One perk of living in sunny California is that you can rock a flippy floaty sun dress all year round. Spotted out and about in LA this week, Kelly Brook showed off her tan in a white skater dress, which she teamed with some embellished sandals and what looked like a pink lunch box.

With its cross over top, lace panel insert and pleated skirt, there’s a lot going on with this dress, but the minimalist colour keeps things simple and makes for a winning look.

Whilst it may seem a little chilly to go bare legged this side of the pond, a white lace dress looks just as good teamed with opaque tights and boots, layered under chunky knits and a biker jacket.

Kelly’s dress is by Maje, but is now unfortunately sold out. But if you want to get the look, check out the carousel below for some fab alternatives from ASOS, Rare and Boohoo.

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