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Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown's Wedding Was An Extravagant Affair, Can Lifetime's 'Whitney' Pull It Off?

What makes a great celebrity wedding to you? A fabulous dress? A star studded guest list? A bit of good gossip? The 1992 wedding of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had all that and then some. To say that Whitney and Bobby had a tumultuous relationship is an understatement. Theirs is a pairing of pure melodrama, which makes them a perfect fit for a TV movie. Well, for those who have been dreaming of a Whitney Houston biopic, you’re in luck. Whitney airs Saturday Jan. 17 on Lifetime. The biopic is directed by Houston’s Waiting to Exhale co-star Angela Bassett and has Yaya DaCosta taking on the iconic singer. Of course, this movie may produce more drinking games than awards, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun to watch. One question I’ve been wondering about is whether the film’s version will up to the extravagance of Houston and Brown’s real wedding.

Bassett definitely wants to stay true to the story, as she told USA Today, ”I have a great respect, love and desire to hold up [Houston’s] legacy. I respect the lives of the people I put onstage. It’s their life, their heartbeat.” Bassett may want to respect the legacy, but reproducing the lavishness of Whitney and Bobby’s lifestyle at the beginning of their marriage is not an easy feat on a TV movie budget. Before watching Whitney this Saturday, why don’t we take a look back at the expensive and over-the-top plus size wedding dresses at wedding Whitney and Bobby had in real life.

Newlyweds Upset About Wedding Photographer's "Cover" Charge

Two Dallas newlyweds claim that their wedding photographer is holding their pictures hostage unless they pay an extra fee for a “cover” for their photo album – even though they already paid for the book itself.

Andrew and Neely Moldovan got married in October.

"This is supposed to be the happiest day of our life and we just want our memories from it, you know,” Neely Moldovan said. “We just want the pictures."

Months before their wedding, they hired photographer Andrea Polito and paid her more than $6,000.

Among the items, the contract included a "40 page 8.5x12 Storybook Album with up to 80 images."

But when they went to order it this month, they said Polito told them they needed to order the album “cover” at an additional cost.

In a series of emails, the Moldovans wrote: "Do we pay extra for a cover? Is there not a standard cover it comes with?"

The response: "Your package includes the 40 pages & 80 images portion of the album, but we leave the album cover to be decided on when you actually order (it)..."

The cheapest cover is $150.

"We can pay the $150, but it's the principle,” Neely Moldovan said. “It's not the money to us. It's the principle of the fact we already paid you."

The contract doesn't mention anything about any additional charges for a cover.

"It just didn't make sense,” Andrew Moldovan said. “An album comes with a cover. It's a component of an album. It's a book."

Dallas wedding planner Donnie Brown, who has organized more than 3,000 weddings over 30 years, said he has never heard of a photographer charging extra for an album “cover.”

"Everything should be transparent and it should have been done up front,” he said. "If you put a proposal on the table and you say this is what it's going to cost you and these are the items you are going to get, that's what you need to do.”

The Moldovans said they also have not received a CD of their pictures, which was also part of their agreement.

In a series of emails the couple shared with NBC 5, the photographer told them unless they pay for the cover or "forfeit" the album, they can't get the disk either.

What's more, according to the emails, if the Moldovans don't do anything by Feb. 18, the photographer will "archive" their pictures. Retrieving them after that will cost another $250, according to the emails.

"It's heartbreaking because these are our memories,” Neely Moldovan said. “Our wedding was over three months ago."

In a statement to NBC 5, Polito said, “We make the utmost effort to consistently provide the best customer service and highest quality of photography in the industry.”

She said she was trying to work with the couple to resolve the issue and that the extra charge was clearly labeled in the order form.

Asked about the timetable and the couple’s claim that they were never told about the extra charge until after their wedding, Polito did not respond.

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Friday Box Office: 'Wedding Ringer,' 'Paddington' Score

There were other movies this weekend other than American Sniper, and this will be the place where I discuss them. Sony’s The Wedding Ringer opened yesterday with a solid $7 million yesterday, setting the stage for a $20.5m Fri-Sun frame and $23.8m Fri-Mon debut weekend. This was an interesting test case of sorts for Kevin Hart, as the somewhat generic looking comedy (sold as Hitch meets I Love You, Man meets The Hangover) was Hart’s first vehicle to surround him with mostly white cast members (none of whom are box office draws). The film felt like an oddly lower profile release in the media, and I suppose it was drowned out by all the Oscar talk and Michael Mann think pieces/retrospectives.

Sony’s marketing was mostly based on a deluge of preview screenings and various would-be “viral” events (such as Hart and Gad crashing weddings). Even if the debut comes in below the $48m Fri-Mon debut of Ride Along (duh), the $29m Fri-Sun debut of Think Like A Man Too, or even the $25m debut of About Last Night, we’re still talking about a $23m R-rated comedy that will make its budget back by Monday.If Sony and/or Kevin Hart was attempting to get white audiences that otherwise avoided the likes of Ride Along, they picked the wrong weekend to open. I imagine that Get Hard, which co-stars an actual comedy movie star (Will Ferrell) will do a bit better than March.

The next big release is The Weinstein Company’s Paddington. The $55 million Heyday Films/Studio Canal production was supposed to debut over Christmas but was moved to avoid the deluge of Into the Woods, Annie, and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Good choice, folks. The film has already earned a stunning $122m worldwide going into the weekend, and the utterly charming and robustly entertaining family film earned $4.66 million last night, which paves the way for a $19m Fri-Sun and $23m Fri-Mon debut frame. Again, the film has already made a mint around the world, especially in the UK, so its success in America is basically gravy.

The rave reviews didn’t hurt either, as the film scored a 98% from Rotten Tomatoes. By the way, for all the (admittedly amusing) talk about how creepy Paddington looked when the first image was released, it should be noted that not a single kid in our packed Friday night audience was remotely frightened on the adorable little bear. As is the case with “dead eyes” performance capture, I am again amused by how much effort adults put into being frightened or creeped out by something that was intended for children and doesn’t remotely frighten said target audience. I don’t know a single kid in ten years who ever had any issues with The Polar Express‘s animation techniques.

The last new wide release was the first major bomb of the year. Michael Mann’s Blackhat probably counted on being the big R-rated muscular action movie of the weekend, but that plan backfired spectacularly. With action junkies flocking to American Sniper and/or Taken 3, the Chris Hemsworth cyber-thriller earned just $1.4 million on its first day. The $70m Legendary Pictures release, distributed by Universal/Comcast Corp., will likely end its holiday weekend with $4.8m and will be lucky to get to $15m total in America. The potential good news is that much of the film takes place in Hong Kong and features Chinese actors like Wei Tang and Leeholm Tang in starring roles alongside Chris Hemsworth. I imagine Universal is hoping the film will play in China and play well in China. But that’s a lot of “if and when” speculation. Its trump card, that is was an R-rated, adult-skewing, old-school star-driven action thriller, was completely negated by American Sniper. The low-key film was never going to be a domestic blockbuster, but it may end up, when adjusted for inflation, being Michael Mann’s lowest-grossing film ever.

Lions Gate and Pantelion Films released Spare Parts in 441 theaters. The George Lopez/Jamie Lee Curtis/Marisa Tomei feel-good drama about kids who form a robotics club earned around $250,000 yesterday for a $825k weekend. It’s nothing to brag about, but I thought you should know about it. In holdover news, Taken 3 earned $4.25 million (-71%) on its second Friday, which is worse than the 61% Friday-to-Friday drop for Taken 2. Nonetheless, the $48m Liam Neeson sequel will likely end the holiday frame with a $14m Fri-Sun frame and $17m haul (-63% from the Fri-Sun $39m debut) and a $66m eleven-day total. Considering it has already made $64m overseas heading into this weekend, no one will be weeping for Fox or Europacorp.

The Best Wedding Cakes Of 2014

We look at pretty wedding cakes all day, every day but there are always those that stand out, and 2014 proved to be a super stylish year in the wedding cake department. Even though we saw the rise of creatively displayed alternative wedding desserts like doughnuts, cake push-pops and good ol' fashion milk and cookies, the wedding cake proved it's staying power.

In fact, the traditional wedding cake has been reinvented in fresh new ways with trends like painted cakes, single-layer cakes and even the return of the pillar cake . See below for our picks for the best wedding cakes from the past year.

By Simone Hill for

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Desiree Hartsock Wedding Scoop: ‘Bachelorette’ Star Ready To Marry Chris Siegfried

The Bachelorette stars Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are about to get married, though the big event won’t be airing on ABC. Though Desiree and Chris haven’t shared the date of their wedding with fans, it is known to be happening in January, and now they are dishing out a few additional tidbits. What is known so far about Chris and Desiree’s wedding?

Desiree and Chris chatted with the Puget Sound Business Journal and shared some new details. The Bachelorette stars will be getting married in Los Angeles later this month, and they say all of the planning is done. While ABC isn’t televising it, Hartsock and Siegfried share that Us Weekly will have exclusive rights to the event and pictures. That is good news for fans, who will be thrilled to see the event in print even if it’s not on television.

Molly Mesnick will be a bridesmaid, and the dresses are fuchsia-berry colored. Hartsock has previously shared that there will be some other familiar franchise faces in the wedding party and at the nuptials as well. Desiree has designed her own gown, along with a second dress for the reception. Chris and his groomsmen will be in charcoal-gray suits with blush champagne-colored ties.

                       Images : cheap wedding dresses Australia

Siegfried makes the hearts of his Bachelorette fans swoon by saying that he knew from the beginning of the show that he wanted to marry Desiree. Though Hartsock’s final episodes of her season were some of the most dramatic ever for the franchise, Chris and Des have lived a fairly low-key life together in Seattle since their season ended.

Chris shared via Desiree’s blog that the planning was actually wrapped up a few weeks ahead of the big day. He says that there were a few components of the wedding that he was responsible for and he had a voice in others. It sounds as if it will be an afternoon wedding with an evening reception, as Siegfried mentions having to be on his feet from noon until midnight on their wedding day.

While there have been many doubters along the way to Desiree and Chris’ wedding day, Bachelorette fans are happy for their success. Their success, with so many who never thought they’d stay together, ends up being quite the interesting contrast right now to Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, who split this week.

Reality Steve was one of many who doubted Des and Chris would marry. However, he shared via Twitter this week that he has kept his promise and shipped off a wedding gift to the Bachelorette couple.

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried found their happily-ever-after on their season of The Bachelorette and now fans hope that Chris Soules does the same on this new season of The Bachelor. Desiree and Chris’ fans won’t have to wait too much longer for scoop on the wedding and everyone hopes it’s a wonderful day for them.

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Okla. dog eats owner’s $23,000 wedding and engagement rings

 In one fell gulp, a Tulsa dog swallowed a wedding band and diamond engagement ring worth $23,000.

One minute the bands were sitting on a table, the next they were gone, replaced by a sheepish-looking Labrador puppy.

Stephanie Lamb has two dogs, but when her rings vanished, she knew exactly which pup was to blame.

 "I saw the dogs near the coffee table and remembered that I'd left my wedding rings sitting on the table last night," she told KOKI-TV.

"I knew that it was Sierra because she's just a little bit of a troublemaker. She's kind of the instigator," Lamb said.

 So off went Sierra to the vet's, where x-rays did indeed show the metallic objects lodge in the dog's stomach. Waiting for Mother Nature to have her way wasn't a consideration because of possible damage to Sierra's intestines.

Dr. Rodney Robards of Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital operated on the dog and plucked out the rings. He also found some other foreign objects.

 "She eats more than just rings, I'm afraid," the animal doc told the station. "Once I got inside the stomach, there were some rocks in there."

There were also some sticks or bones, Robards said. He couldn't tell the difference.

Sierra will be under the weather for a few days, but eventually she'll be just fine.

Lamb's son, Brady, said he didn't know what to make of the whole thing.

He thought "that my mom and dad weren't married anymore."

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Cameron Diaz's touching wedding toast to Benji Madden

Cameron Diaz delivered a heartwarming toast to her new husband Benji Madden at their magical wedding with which they kicked off the New Year. The stunning blonde actress spoke before the couple's 127 guests to tell them and her new hubby: "I waited because I didn't want to settle."

According to MailOnline, the My Best Friend's Wedding star added: "Now I got the best man ever. My special man. He's mine."

Other touching details of their big day – which took place at Cameron's Beverly Hills mansion on Monday  – include the four-time Golden Globe nominee walking down the aisle to Nat King Cole's Stardust in a sparkly gown with a low-cut back.

Wedding guests included Christina Applegate, Wiz Khalifa, and Constance Leto – the mother of Cameron's Oscar-winning ex Jared Leto.

Other reported guests included bridesmaid Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Samantha Ronson, Toni Collette, Nancy Juvonen, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, and Benji's grandmother 'Jesse.'

Unexpected comedy came in the form of the couple's five-year-old ring bearer Sparrow Madden – the son of Benji's twin brother Joel and Nicole Richie – dropping one of the couple's wedding dresses bands.

"He dropped the ring and it rolled around. The audience began to chuckle," a source told MailOnline.

"But as both brothers – groom Benji and best man Joel – got on their hands and knees looking for it, the guests broke out into full laughter."

Further entertainment included performances by three-time Grammy nominee Ryan Adams, who serenaded the pair solo on his guitar, as well as four-time Grammy winner Lionel Richie (Nicole's adopted father), who performed his 1977 Commodores hit, Easy, on piano.

As an A-list Hollywood actress, there was naturally a dress change for the bride, who, before cutting the cake, could be heard asking Pussycat Dolls' Robin Antin and another friend to help her into her short-sleeved reception gown.

Friends and family enjoyed the festivities until the early hours of the morning, as DJ Patrick Belton mixed tunes from the likes of Rihanna, Warren G, Pharrell Williams, MIA, Bruno Mars, Jessie J, and Cameron's high-school friend Snoop Dogg.

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The Aiza-Liza wedding

Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño in their symbolic wedding ceremony in Batangas. Instagram/ Jun Lana

MANILA, Philippines-  After their wedding in California last year, Liza Diño and Aiza Seguerra held a symbolic wedding ceremony here in the Philippines.

The couple held the symbolic wedding with their extended family and friends who weren't able to attend their U.S. wedding.

The second wedding happened on Thursday in a beach somewhere in Batangas.

One key personality who was at the wedding was Vic Sotto, who paved way to Aiza's career in showbiz after she won in Little Miss Philippines in the noontime variety show “Eat Bulaga!.”

See the photos below for the highlights of the symbolic wedding, posted by their guests on their respective Instagram accounts.

Prom preview: It's that time again

It may be early January, but prom season is right around the corner.

Soon enough, high schoolers will begin flooding dress stores for that "wow factor" gown and browsing Pintrest for unique, sassy hairstyles and makeup ideas.

One women's clothing retailer, Camille La Vie and Group USA (also is already at your service with its 2015 prom collection.

Dresses this year by Camille La Vie and Group USA, which specializes in party dresses and formal evening gowns, launched their latest collection of red carpet style prom dresses.

Camille La Vie and Group USA provides some insight as to the most popular trends in dresses this upcoming prom season:

•Bold and beautiful colored dresses. "Think bright reds, canary yellows and rich fuchsias as you strut the dance floor," Camille La Vie and Group USA states online. "These types of colors work well as solids or you can wear exciting prints and patterns, such as a vivid floral dress or an animal print style. Complement your bold colors with dazzling hints of rhinestone jewelry, like a statement-making necklace or bracelet cuff with rhinestones."

Lovely lace dresses. Lace wedding dresses are versatile but if you want to stand out, opt for ones with a touch of pretty color, such as soft pinks, limes, seafoams, aquas or even ones in a darker, rich palette," Camille La Vie and Group USA states online. "This trend is prevalent amongst A-list celebrities as evening dresses on the red carpet. And when it comes to accessorizing, go minimal and let your dress stand out."

 Picture : Prom Dresses

•Fierce two-piece dresses. "The crop top look is so major this season, so it's no surprise that the two-piece trend has hit all the right fashion notes for prom," Camille La Vie and Group USA states online. "It's a uniquely daring style that's surely 'runway worthy'. Be the perfect epitome of haute couture chic in this must-have trend."

Graceful illusion dresses. "You'll create a sense of mystery with graceful hints of illusion along your dress' sleeves, neckline, back or skirt portion," Camille La Vie and Group USA states online. "And for coveted doses of party girl sparkle, combine this unique look with beading or sequin embellishment — this daring combination will make for the perfect head-to-toe prom look."

•Striking two-tone dresses. "It starts with a soft neutral base color that's enhanced with a vividly-hued overlay," Camille La Vie and Group USA states online. "This look results in ultimate glamour — creating a total look that is equal parts fierce and demurely sweet all at the same time. Picture nude tones under a gorgeous colored lace overlay comprised of decadent and luxurious fabric, or a soft hue under a more bold mesh overlay."

The 2015 collection will be available in February, but items can be pre-ordered online now.

Camille La Vie and Group USA can be found at Group USA at Secaucus, 25 Enterprise Ave., Secaucus; and Group USA at The Outlet Collection/Jersey Gardens at 651 Kapkowski Road, Elizabeth.

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Emily Blunt’s ‘Into The Woods’ Dress

Who wears a sweater dress on the red carpet? Emily Blunt does! She looked amazing in this chic-meets-comfort look as she promoted her new film, ‘Into The Woods,’ in London on Jan. 7. What do you think of her look?

Emily Blunt‘s red carpet looks are usually  pretty exclusive to the rich and famous, but her latest look is one that almost everyone can get their hands on! We’ve dug up the designer deets, so click below to SHOP Emily’s exact red carpet dress for under $100. How cool is that?

Emily Blunt’s ‘Into The Woods’ Bridesmaid Dress — SHOP

Sometimes less is more, and Emily proved it with this simple yet flattering look at a photocall for her new movie. She is wearing an Ann Taylor Side Button Sweater Dress with black tights and a pair of black pumps. The dress features contrasting black trim at the neckline, sleeves, and skirt hem, and it was just enough to add some flare to the laid-back style.

She opted to leave the accessories at home for this occasion, but she was a classic beauty in the practical look.

                              Source : short wedding dresses

Emily Blunt’s Best Red Carpet Looks:

As much as we love her comfy sweater dress, we can’t say it’s our favorite red carpet look from the Into The Woods star — there are so many to choose from!

She looked stunning in an orange drop back Alexander McQueen gown at the Harper’s Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards, and it took us weeks to get over her strapless black and green Jason Wu dress. Our favorite look, however, has to be her cherry red floor length Prada dress. This dress said “look at me” and really, we had no choice!

We could go on and on about Emily’s high fashion highlights, but the girl has definitely earned her right to keep it casual now and then. What do you think about her classic Ann Taylor look? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

she steps out in VERY low-cut white mini dress

She is hardly shy about her curvaceous body, but Kelly Brook stepped out wearing a particularly daring white dress in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The brunette model and occasional TV host turned heads as she walked through Beverly Hills with a female pal, after she was announced as the spokesperson of the Atkins diet.

The actress, 35, flashed plenty of flesh as she embarked on a girly expedition for a manicure.

                             Images show : white wedding dresses

Seemingly make-up free, she wore her hair in a casual, messy side-parting and sported a pair of terracotta-coloured wedges.

Unsurprisingly, the look garnered plenty of attention from onlookers in the surrounding area.

The star seemed to be enjoying her rather indulgent pamper session, as she was treated to a manicure and a massage all in one go by an army of beauticians.

One perk of living in sunny California is that you can rock a flippy floaty sun dress all year round. Spotted out and about in LA this week, Kelly Brook showed off her tan in a white skater dress, which she teamed with some embellished sandals and what looked like a pink lunch box.

With its cross over top, lace panel insert and pleated skirt, there’s a lot going on with this dress, but the minimalist colour keeps things simple and makes for a winning look.

Whilst it may seem a little chilly to go bare legged this side of the pond, a white lace dress looks just as good teamed with opaque tights and boots, layered under chunky knits and a biker jacket.

Kelly’s dress is by Maje, but is now unfortunately sold out. But if you want to get the look, check out the carousel below for some fab alternatives from ASOS, Rare and Boohoo.

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