Sunday, July 12, 2015

Harnaam Kaur, a "bearded lady" pose wedding dress

Reaching a hormonal imbalance, Harnaam Kaur learned to terms with their differences. She recently completed a photo shoot wedding dress ...

It ignites the web alone for days and for good reason, Harnaam Kaur, called "bearded lady" is reached polycystic ovary syndrome: a hormonal disorder that gives it a significant hair. Recently spotted by the London photographer Louisa Coulthurst, the young woman posed for a series of shots in a wedding dress, relayed by Rock'N'Roll Bride.

"Before, I used my face to remove hair with wax two to three times a week"
Harnaam Kaur who has long suffered from the eyes of others on Instagram says she was 11 years old when his beard began to grow. "There is in me a hormonal imbalance that fact that I have more male hormones to female hormones in the body, this is particularly why I have a beard. Before, I had the used to remove hair on my face wax two to three times a week, and days when I could not, because of the pain, I was shaving. " Today, the young woman who claims to be an "activist confidence" has become the darling of the English media which the Daily Mail, which seized its history.

"I like my beard, my stretch marks and my scars"
Harnaam Kaur says her life changed at the age of 16. She said then that the energy she had put for five years wanting to die rather than face the ridicule of his camardes would be more effective in another area. "I stopped to hurt me and I fell in love the elements of my body that some may call flaws. I love my beard, my stretch marks and my scars. These elements are that I am who I am, they do it all, they make me whole. My beard is the source of strength and my confidence. I keep my hair to show the world a different image of the woman, confident, diverse and strong. I like my beard and I the always cherish, "she says, confident on Instagram.

Although in his body and in his head, the British want to be an example for young women of complexed world. Recently, she decided to convert to the Sikh religion, which advocates the hair and the prohibition of waxing the body.

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